Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the last defender HD

The last defender HD is another great game for ipod/ipad you get to blow up tanks and trucks and people there are 6 different weapons, 4 rocket lunchers, and 2 automatic guns. It is a very fun game i give it 4 stars the graphics are good id give the graphics a C if you are going to buy the game i recommend that you buy the full version of the game because there are more features.


Gun Bros is another great game for ipod/ipad i play it frequently threw out the day there is a large selection of guns/armor to choose from and monsters i give it a B+ grade for the graphics there is a lot of really cool monsters to kill, there are 4 planets to choose from Cerberus Prime, Haven, Bokor witch is the ''galaxies toxic dump '' the planet is filled with hordes of zombies, and last there is Ceres 2 with a lvl 20 requirement so you better pick up yer ipad/ipod and start playing because this game is also FREE!!!

pocket legends

pocket legends or pl for short is an amazing online multiplayer game for the iphone, ipod, and ipad it is a game you can not put down i highly recommend this game, there is tons to do, you can pick to be either a mage, warrior, or range, there are a ton of creatures to kill and weapons to collect so pick up your ipod/ipad and play pocket legends you wont be srry plus its FREE!!!